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No matter the project, your message will be shared in a creative way that would impress anyone.

She is a delight to work with, listens with her heart and has skill, imagination and patience, in short all the makings of a professional. What really impressed me the most is her ability to understand my vision and construct a design that was different than she had done before. I have utmost respect for her work and recommend her to anyone looking to build a website. She can be reached through her website at ktmacgraphics.com.


Katie McKellick is a very personably professional who completes as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. Katie has worked under me for over 5 years and she never ceases to amaze me with her desire to learn new things. She grasps concepts easily and has proven to be a very intelligent young woman with the drive to succeed. She is an excellent graphic designer and her creativity goes well beyond the limits of technical design. She consistently delivers her work on schedule and her honesty and integrity makes her a wonderful person to work with. Katie's creativity and desire to meet expectations make her the ideal graphic designer for any organization. It has been a pleasure working with her.

- Krys Swan

It is apparent that she loves working as a designer and she is very talented at both technical as well as creative design work. At Starrett we have a continuous flow of new products requiring sales and marketing materials with a creative originality while conforming to our corporate style guidelines and being immediately recognizable as Starrett products.
Always willing to lend a hand, pitching in to do whatever needs to be done or just providing much-needed style whenever it is needed. Katie is a true asset to our company and her co-workers.

- James Taylor, PH.D.

She is very giving of her time and talents to others in our Company. If you are looking to invest in an employee who will make a difference in your company, Katie McKellick should be on the top of your list.

- Denise Robinson,

Executive Administrator to the C.E.O., The L.S. Starrtt Company

Katie's work is exemplary! She has met all our needs beyond my expectations. She is artistic, cooperative, flexible, conscientious, and organized. Her designs are eye-catching and portray the message we wish to convey, well before our deadlines.

- Maureen Provost,

Mout Wachusett Community College

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Katie's creative ability combined with her commitment to get things done on time every time and her pleasant personality make her a key member on any Marketing team. I truly enjoyed working with her.

- Hardy Hamann,

President at Dynabrade Inc. Corporate

Katie is a creative designer and reliable teammate. She created graphics for my campaigns and consistently exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend her!

- Priyank Savla,

Digital Marketing Manager, Netbrain